Terms & Conditions

  1. Friends of Free Wildlife (FFW) is a community-based, public-funded volunteer organisation. It was founded in December 2015 by passionate and qualified wildlife rehabilitators with the best interest of our urban wildlife as a founding mandate.
  2. Our vision is to create a well-respected, ethical wildlife rehabilitation centre that provides for the care of urban wildlife: that is, the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the animals that share our space.
  3. We are a community organisation, working with both experienced and new volunteers and our educational team regularly gives talks and information to schools, clubs and the general public in all areas of Gauteng.
  4. We operate under a Rehabilitation Permit granted by GDARD (Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) and are a registered NPO (Non Profit Organisation). We are also endorsed by and work closely with the NSPCA.
  5. We are an approved Public Benefit Organisation and hold a B-BBEE Level 4 EME. We rely on the generosity of the public through donations, bequests, sponsorship and voluntary assistance in all aspects of running the organisation. Refer to the Donations or Volunteer pages if you would like to help.
  6. By donating or volunteering with FFW, I support the FFW vision and mission.
  7. I hereby authorise FFW to request funds from my Credit card or Debit card: for the amount, and date, or on the day of each month that I have set on the Donation page.
  8. I acknowledge that FFW’s efforts and actions will be left entirely to the decision-making processes of its management, executive and / or board in line with its mandate.
  9. I am aware that FFW is entirely depended on funding from its donors.
  10. I understand that I am not guaranteed support with an incident as this is only possible for as long as FFW has the capacity and funds to do so and within its mandate.
  11. I am aware FFW is a non-profit organisation and I can at any time, cancel my monthly debit order or other funding method selected by me.
  12. That as a voluntary contributing donor to FFW, I do not and cannot expect any direct services or benefit from FFW.
  13. I acknowledge that FFW cannot and does not guarantee the outcome of any case they take in.
  14. I acknowledge that FFW cannot be held liable for any damages suffered as a result of gross neglect or wilful behaviour of any it’s staff.