Serval saved after being hit by a car

Margi received a call from Warden in the Free State on Monday which led to a road trip of just over 500kms on Tuesday!
This little juvenile Serval (Leptailurus serval) was found on the side of the road near Bethlehem, presumably hit by a car and unconscious. He was treated for concussion and dehydration initially by the local vet and then looked after by a kind friend of the rescuer. She realised he wasn’t doing too well and contacted Free Wildlife – Margi offered to collect him and, after a long journey, he was taken directly to our vets at the Bryanston Avian, Exotic and Small Animal Clinic.
He was examined and x-rayed from top to toe to ensure there were no fractures. He has a badly infected foot which has been treated, he was also extremely dehydrated and considerably underweight too.
Thanks to Dr Perushan and the brilliant BAESAC Team

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