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May be an image of owl, slow loris and text that says '?? ? FUN FACT Bush baby's are highly agile and have long, powerful hind legs that enable them to leap up to 10 feet in a single bound. They often use their tail for balance while jumping. FREE WILDLIFE ITA + RELEASE'


Glue Traps! ❌ The truth behind them ❌
This adult Karoo Thrush was brought to FFW volunteer, Kevin, after it had been ignored and stuck on a glue trap for 2 days. It suffered immense pain and torture – its feathers on the one wing were all but destroyed and fibres that had stuck to the glue wrapped tightly around both its feet, cutting into its skin, all the way to the bone. Kevin rehydrated it, removed the fibres around its feet and treated the area with antibiotic cream, but sadly the little guy did not make it through the night 💔 (Apologies for the not great quality pictures.)
Glue traps may seem like a convenient solution but have a seriously harmful impact to our precious wildlife:
– They trap more than just pests, including birds (like this poor Karoo Thrush), squirrels and sometimes even our pets
– Animals caught suffer immense stress, pain, injury and even death due to their inability to escape. These animals often struggle for hours, desperately trying to free themselves from the sticky, suffocating trap.
Alternatives you could consider:
– Humane traps to safely capture pests and release them into their natural habitats unharmed
– Natural prevention methods like sealing cracks, storing food properly and keeping a clean living space
– Seek professional help from an ethical and responsible company.
Let’s please stop using glue traps and prevent another animal from having to go through this heart-breaking ordeal!
Let’s make a collective effort to protect our wildlife and promote kindness to all those we share the planet with. 🌍
Another fun fact!