Genets saved

June, 2021

In June our 2 Large-spotted Genets left for Makalali Game Reserve in Limpopo on their final stage of their rehabilitation and release. They had been in our care for over 4 months.

Last October they were found on the ground below their Palm tree nest by a member of the public in Pretoria. Unfortunately they were raised on the incorrect diet for almost 4 months before they were brought to Free Wildlife. They were admitted in February, and were diagnosed by the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet Dr Karin Lourens with a calcium deficiency and were underweight. If the member of the public had taken them directly to a rehabilitation centre, unnecessary health issues would have been avoided. Their rehabilitation process began with calcium supplements and a natural diet, and they were housed in an outside enclosure with more natural habitat, minimum interference and less stress.
Once at Makalali, they will be housed in a pre release enclosure for a few weeks, where they will be able to acclimatise and see other genets and wild animals, leading to their release

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