Black Backed Jackal rescue near Heidelberg

This little female Black Backed Jackal (Canis mesomelas) was found next to her dead mother on a road near Heidelberg in October, we have no idea how long she had been there. Liesel du Toit of the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve took care of her over night and we collected her early the next morning.

Dr Melissa Marengo of Bryanston Avian, Exotic and Small Animal Clinic vet examined the poor little animal, emaciated, extremely dehydrated, lots of ticks, worms and definitely in a critical condition. The jackal was treated intensively for all the symptoms and spent the evening with Margi Brocklehurst who nursed her through the night.

Unfortunately she succumbed to her condition in the early hours of the following morning; she was at least warm and comfortable for her final hours.

On post mortem examination, Dr Marengo confirmed her original diagnosis and the animal was also found to have an acute intestinal problem too.

These sad cases are sometimes unavoidable, they help us to understand the stress and strain that our wildlife is under and we hope that we will be able to save many more in the future.

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